Adult or “Masters” rowing is open to everyone 16 and older. At GLC, we offer multiple ways for you to get involved depending on your level of experience and interest. Our classes range from Learn to Row to Competitive Rowing and can be taken at various times and days of the week. We have a competitive crew racing men’s, women’s and mixed boats in the major regional regattas in the Spring and Fall. We work hard, race full out and have fun. Those rowers who prefer not to race work out alongside those that do and have access to the same great coaching as the racers. Many of them are accomplished rowers with decades of experience who just prefer a bit more of a laid back approach and they are just as much a fabric of the boathouse as the racers. We row early, mid-morning, and early evening.

For questions about the Masters rowing program, contact Nick Fradkin, Masters Rowing Coordinator, at